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The memories flood back of learning how to play games for example euchre and 500 as children and also the hours we spent doing much like we were raised. The fascination such held in my opinion was being a lesson in maths everytime we played. Later when at University a lot of the students would collect about the tables inside the student’s quarters and cards were always about the agenda.

What fun many of us had plus the challenges were exciting. Now, however, there exists hardly anyone credit cards because computer and Xbox games took over in many homes. My young grandchildren spend hours while watching television having a joystick inside their hands doing issues that has no intellectual advantage. Even adults get their enjoyment using the things they could do with a computer rather than around a table with all the family.

In the past several years my endeavours have stretched to Bridge plus playing 500 on the local clubs, which run sessions on week-nights. It is interesting to view how the majority of the oldies, as i am, experience the night out and just how competitive such endeavours is usually.

The brain needs stimulation as you ages and there may be no better approach to exercise it when compared with having to think your solution to a win in the card game. Isn’t that something teenagers will get advantages from as well? While my generation were raised in a different world where television and computers hadn’t yet been invented my children now think they’re smarter because they will outdo me within the computer. If only they knew what these are missing out on.

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