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FIFA 18 game you need to know

The hugely popular expansion to the main FIFA game will launch with the new title in September, but you could play it early...

FIFA is the biggest-selling football game in the world, and a massive part of that is Ultimate Team.

Initially launched within FIFA 2009 as a downloadable add-on, Ultimate Team has played a huge part in making the game a truly global juggernaut, and has launched the careers of many YouTube stars.

With FIFA 18 now on the horizon ahead of a late September release, Goal breaks down everything we know so far about the card-trading mode that will, undoubtedly, steal your life for days and weeks at a time.


Ultimate Team is, at its base, an online trading game. Players build teams of players from across the globe – ranging from the Premier League to the Chilean top-flight – and then attempt to gain promotion from Division 10 to Division One.

The better your team, the better you are likely to be, making the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi some of the most expensive cards on the online market that is populated by other gamers.

Monaco reject Arsenal's Lemar bid

Those cards – sorted into Bronze, Silver and Gold – are purchasable on a transfer market, but they can also be found in packs. One can use real money or coins to buy packs – EA Sports regularly releases promotional packs featuring more players and in-form players, the latter of which are based on real-life performances – but coins must be used to buy players.

Playing games, both against real fifa 18 coins players and the computer, rewards players with coins, as does entering a mode called FUT Champions, which ranks players over the course of 40 games in a “Weekend League”. Finishing in the top 100 – while incredibly difficult – will throw up some quite wonderful rewards.

Icons are making their way into FIFA! Formerly known as Legends and exclusive to the Xbox One, this year Icons will be available on PS4 and PC too, and have shiny blue cards, unlike the white counterparts for Legends.

So far, the Brazilian Ronaldo, Diego Maradona, Lev Yashin, Thierry Henry and Pele have been announced, meaning they’ll be in packs – though incredibly rare – and available on the market, surely for a hefty sum.

Furthermore, EA Sports are making inroads into the competitive gaming scene, and want to make Ultimate Team an eSport, having already started with FUT Champions.

The finals of the 2017 season’s championships were broadcast live on BT Sport, and seen by an audience of millions on YouTube.

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