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Luis Suarez impresses as goalkeeper on FIFA 17

Luis Suarez finds himself in unfamiliar circumstances on FIFA 17 but adapts to surprising effect.

Luis Suarez forms one of the world’s deadliest attacking partnerships at Barcelona alongside Lionel Messi and Brazilian sensation, Neymar. One of the world’s best strikers, Suarez is a safe bet to score or provide goals in and around the box.

On FIFA 17, the Uruguayan is rated 92 which also makes him the best striker in the game. However, a video from FIFA 17 YouTuber Hitman89 shows Luis Suarez reversing roles and impressing as a goalkeeper on his FUT team.

Luis Suarez was instrumental in Barcelona’s quest for the treble last season as he scored bucketloads of goals as part of the MSN trio. Apart from the goals, the Uruguayan is also a half-decent keeper in reality. A few years back, Suarez was also captured on video showing off impressive skills in goal during a training session with Uruguay. Also, in the 2010 World Cup, Suarez had shown his skills in goal by denying Ghana’s Asamoah Gyan a chance to score the goal that would’ve knocked the Uruguayan’s out of the title race.

On FIFA 17, the striker also possesses certain attributes which make him a handy goalkeeper. His pace rating of 82 is useful in closing down attackers before they can take a shot off while high physicality ratings allow him to reach crosses and high balls that maybe other goalkeepers would not.

On the face of it, Luis Suarez’s goaltending stats look pretty ordinary with diving, handling. kicking and reflexes within a range of 27-37 rating points. While starting as a goalkeeper for the Hitman89 against A S Utari on the FUT platform, Suarez managed to keep a clean sheet for the first half where he was occasionally tested.

The second half of the match was a little more challenging with Suarez having to deal with a higher number of shots. He dealt with corners impressively, strongly punching the ball away when his fifa 17 coins goal looked threatened. The resistance was finally broken in the 71st minute when Utari managed to score after their striker placed the ball past Suarez into the far left corner.

Hitman89 played a few more games with Suarez as a goalkeeper to some unexpectedly impressive results. He made a few saves that professional goalkeepers would be proud of, especially in the second game where he was up against an FUT team in Borussia Dortmund colours.

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