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What we know about FIFA 18 new features

With the release of the world’s biggest game just around the corner, Fraser Gilbert rounds up all the key info you need to know

Fraser Gilbert
23 August 2017

FIFA 18 will be unleashed to the world on September 29 – huzzah! It was properly unveiled at the E3 convention in Los Angeles earlier this year, and more information has been trickled through since about features, new modes and new platforms.

But the question remains – is it worth spending your hard-earned money on? To help you decide, we’ve gathered all the important info below, complete with links to some of our past features on the game (including our recent hands-on session at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge).

FIFA 18’s most prominent gameplay improvements focus on a few key areas:

    More precise and creative dribbling mechanics

    Realistic player personalities and an all-new animation system (‘Real Player Motion Technology’ it says here)

    New crossing mechanics (more on that here)

    Varied team styles

EA also makes mention of ‘Dramatic Moments’ – a system that takes advantage of new animations to “unlock more fluid striking and heading of the ball”. As for team styles, the game aims to incorporate more authentic tactics alongside improved player positioning.

Another new feature is that of ‘Dynamic Quick Subs’ – the ability to make changes on the fly rather than navigating to the fifa 18 coins menu – while set-pieces (penalties in particular) have been tinkered with too.

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